Unique Literacy Curricula


Unique Literacy Curricula

Explicit Phonics Instruction

Students enrolled at Northwest Ohio Classical Academy immerse themselves in a unique and explicit approach to phonics. NOCA is the only school in northwest Ohio to implement the Access Literacy program. All of NOCA’s teachers are specially trained in Access Literacy instructional practices where students learn to hear the phonogram, say the phonogram and then spell the phonogram. In total, students in the primary years memorize 72 phonograms and 47 spelling rules that help them to encode, recode and decode the English language. As students’ progress through the curriculum, they learn to complete markings that correspond to the phonograms’ order of sound activation. Students practice marking phonograms through the use of orthography reading using punctuation and so by watching teachers model oral the oral reading of literature.


Students at Northwest Ohio Classical Academy learn a structured way to develop spatial awareness and fine motor skills as they craft manuscript letters in the early years. Soon after mastery in manuscript writing, students learn how to write in cursive. As students build language skills, they develop strong spelling, dictation, and composition abilities. Students begin with basic sentence constructs and delve into more complex forms of writing.


Spelling instruction at Northwest Ohio Classical Academy follows a prescribed sequence of multi-sensory lessons known as orthography. Students become experts in using syllabication, pronunciation, and letter markings of challenging word lists.

Formal Grammar

Perhaps, one of the more unique aspects to the curriculum offered at Northwest Ohio Classical Academy is NOCA’s commitment to instruction in formal grammar. Students practice mastering traditional grammar rules of the English language. In the upper elementary grades, students begin diagramming sentences which leads them to a better understanding of sentence structure, increased comprehension, and students becoming better writers. Mastery of grammar is pivotal to students’ later study of Latin.

Rich Literature

Students at Northwest Ohio Classical Academy are exposed to a plethora of classic texts that echo the school’s mission and commitment to forming virtuous citizens. Stories and characters that students encounter embody courage, kindness, curiosity, moderation, prudence, and honesty. Students engage in thoughtful discussions facilitated by the teacher that lead them to the pursuit of what is good, true and beautiful.

Poetry and Recitations

Students in all grades read and memorize poems and speeches authored by various writers throughout history that have withstood the test of time. The reflections and ideas presented in these works speak to the very soul of man and offer wisdom, truth, and inspiration. Students practice honing their memory skills, public speaking, and power of persuasion by delivering recitations of select pieces.