Physical Education
Students attend physical education classes each day as part of well-ordered curricula that focuses on developing the whole person. Fitness literacy contributes to training the mind on the importance on the value of self-discipline and physical well-being. Some physical benefits of physical education (beyond developing muscular and cardiovascular strength, and endurance) include increased cognition, better mood, more focused attention, and higher academic achievement in students. Students who are enrolled in physical education at NOCA also participate in essential lessons in team work, virtue, and leadership skills. Students participate in the Spartan Sprint which is a running race where students solicit sponsorships, compete, and enjoy community with one another.

Northwest Ohio Classical Academy students who attend art classes delve deeply into the exploration of art history, elements of art, and the use of scale. Students of art learn to appreciate the artist, the period in which they lived and form an understanding of the artistic technique prevalent a given era. Students apply various elements of artistic expression under the guidance of experienced and knowledgeable art teachers. Additionally, Northwest Ohio Classical Academy hosts a Free Market Art Symposium monthly where student artists and their families submit works of art for exhibition that are viewed and judged by peers in the school community.

All students at Northwest Ohio Classical Academy participate in the study of music appreciation, music history, and music theory. Through intentional effort, teachers help students cultivate a positive affinity for the beautiful works of music that captivate their hearts, minds and souls. Students perform in two events annually: The Holiday Concert and the Spring Concert. Northwest Ohio